Technology / Intellectual Property

Patent Law

If you hold a patent and discover that someone you have not licensed is wrongfully using your invention, the attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham, PC will deftly identify and act on all of the avenues to enforce your rights, from a cease and desist letter all the way through an appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (where all patent infringement appeals are heard).

The decision to enter into patent litigation should not be made lightly. It is often a high stakes matter, which requires careful consideration as to whether the potential long-term reward justifies the often high up-front cost of money and time. Once a litigation action is undertaken, it is uncommon for it to settle prior to a trial before a jury. Because of this, you want a firm which is deeply familiar with patent claims, rules, and regulations; able to quickly understand the essential elements of your invention and how your patent is being infringed, and also highly skilled in litigation. The attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham who work in patent litigation have the experience, background, and trial-tested courtroom skills necessary to provide you with all of these.

Our finely honed litigation skills also put us in a strong position from which to effectively reach a negotiated settlement or mediate the dispute.  We can identify when these are the viable options, recognize if progress is being made, and push for or cut-off attempts to reach an agreement based on our vast experience. This position of strength is because we know, and the other side is acutely aware, that we will confidently take the matter all the way through litigation.

Frequently, patent infringement issues come down to a solo inventor or small business realizing that its invention is being used by a much larger company. To prosecute a patent infringement claim, you want attorneys on your side who are able to match the skill and savvy of corporate lawyers operating with a nearly unlimited budget. The attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham are prepared and equipped to do battle to help you protect what is yours, regardless of whether the goal is to obtain injunctive relief, an exclusion order, or monetary damages,.

If you believe your patent is being infringed and you need advice on how to address the issue and skilled action when you decide to proceed, call on the attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham for expert counsel and representation.

Internet law

Katz Korin Cunningham offers experienced guidance on all areas of Internet Law. We can provide legal services that help you understand and most effectively utilize your resources, and legitimize your business by giving it a strong Internet presence. We offer cautionary guidance on the use of Social Media, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Blogs. We are well-versed in the areas of Click Fraud, CAN-SPAM AND COPPA, CIPA, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Development Deals, and Software Reseller / Distributor Transactions. We’ll be sure you’re protected on the Internet with Website Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, Disclaimer Language, a Data Use Notice and related opt-in procedures, as well as Trademark and Copyright Notices.

Many of the laws which apply to other forms of broadcasting, retail, or data management mirror those which relate to the Internet. Laws related specifically to data protection, defamation, copyright infringement and trademarks also apply to the Internet, but with a twist. Which jurisdiction’s laws apply in the global marketplace that is the Internet? These are all areas where the attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham can provide experienced guidance and advice.

An area of growing concern is the prevention and response to cybercrimes. The attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham have experience dealing with cybersquatters/cybersquatting, identity theft, and web sites which sell counterfeit goods which infringe on others’ intellectual property rights, be they patent, trademark, or copyright.

As business attorneys who are experienced in litigation as well as being internet savvy, we can provide guidance in eBanking, eCommerce, eDiscovery, ePayments, eSignatures, and taxation of internet transactions, among other Internet services.

Whether you are looking to have a more robust website, to protect the website you have, or to more effectively use the Internet, the attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham can assist you every step of the way.

Software Licensing/SaaS

Companies need to protect their on-site, cloud, virtual, and embedded applications. Consumers need to understand how to optimize their software asset management. Katz Korin Cunningham can help both businesses and individuals through drafting and/or negotiating License Agreements and Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Backend as a Service (BaaS)/Application Service Provider (ASP) Agreements.

We can draft and help you understand, implement, and best utilize software licenses, from restrictive proprietary licenses to open-source licenses, from both sides of the table. We can provide advice on the use and distribution of licensed or free software, including the use of the GNU General Public License (GPL). We have expertise in Free Licensed Closed-Source, Pay Licensed Viewable Source, and Pay Licensed Closed Source software.  We understand the advantages and disadvantages of on-demand software. We will help you decide if that is what is right for you to use or develop, or whether a license is necessary to protect you. If the latter, we will create an agreement which meets your needs and is enforceable in multiple jurisdictions.

We are acutely aware of the business goals of using SaaS and the other members of the family of cloud computing tools, as well the judicious use of licenses, and will help you achieve those goals.

Whether you are a developer or an end user, come to the attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham for guidance on the best use of licensing agreements, and the drafting, negotiation, and enforcement of those agreements.

Trademark and Copyright Registration and Licensing

You want to protect and control your brand’s name and logo and, thereby, its reputation in the marketplace. This is how you increase your brand’s value and, hopefully, your market share.  One of the best set of tools with which to do that are the trademark & copyright laws we have in the United States. At Katz Korin Cunningham, we have provided trademark and copyright registration and licensing services to a diverse assortment of clients. We assist artists and authors, small businesses, and national corporations in protecting one of their most valuable assets, that which they have created and built.

While there is value in preventing others from using your Trademark or Copyright in a way which may damage your reputation, it often makes business sense to license the use of the rights which you own. At Katz Korin Cunningham, we will create licensing agreements which meet your specific needs and circumstances. We will also be sure your rights are protected by monitoring the renewal process for your registered Trademarks and Copyrights. We are small enough to take a personal interest in what you have worked so hard to create, and large enough to provide the services which will ensure protection of your rights for many years to come.

When you need advice on whether it is appropriate to file a trademark or copyright application, are ready to take the next step and protect your assets, and/or need to license rights which you already own, contact the lawyers of Katz Korin Cunningham for experienced advice and guidance.

Entertainment Law

The attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham have the experience and expertise to help visual artists, writers, musicians, actors, and performers maintain creative control, protect the value of and profit from their endeavors. Just as each performance or work is unique, we recognize that each artist’s situation is as well. We will attentively listen to your goals and provide advice on what is likely, what is possible, and what is a stretch. We will then provide the services necessary to allow you to protect what is yours, primarily through the drafting, negotiation, and enforcement of contracts. While many lawyers dream of being artists, we know that most artists don’t dream of being lawyers. Let us take care of the details, which allows you to focus on what you do best.

We can provide you with contracts related to the purchase or licensing of your works; Production Agreements, Distribution Agreements, and Writer Contracts from first to final draft; Recording Contracts, Licensing Agreements, Royalty Agreements, and Publishing Agreements; and consultation on the business issues related to the arts and entertainment.

As patrons of the arts ourselves, we also enjoy representing individuals, not-for-profits, and businesses in their engagement of artists, and believe they play a vital role in the community. We take pride in the fact that our agreements are equitable and enforceable for artist and patron, and help ensure a sustainable marketplace for the arts.

Whether you are a creator or consumer of art and entertainment, contact the attorneys of Katz Korin Cunningham to help you understand your rights and obligations, and draft and negotiate the agreements that define those important issues for all parties.


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