Tax & Estates

Helping you reduce exposure and enhance profitability.

Most business decisions have related tax consequences, many of which can be severe. Our team of tax attorneys serves as trusted advisors to our business clients in order to reduce their tax exposure and enhance profitability. At inception, we provide guidance regarding appropriate entity formation, whether that be an S or C corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or limited liability partnership (LLP), or other entity type. By partnering with our clients to fully understand their business needs, we work with you to develop and implement tax-efficient growth strategies, up to and including mergers or acquisitions. Finally, we assist our clients with the sale or transfer of their business in the most tax-friendly way.

Tax Services:

  • Structuring of deals in the purchase and selling of businesses to minimize tax exposure.
  • Entity structures providing advantageous tax treatment for real estate purchases, including tax-free exchanges.
  • Creation of family partnerships, joint ventures or limited liability companies (LLC's) to develop and operate business projects or real estate in order to substantially reduce family tax exposure while preserving control.
  • Securing and maintaining nonprofit entity status under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Estate Services:

  • Developing revocable and irrevocable trusts to manage property during the client's lifetime and to provide for tax-efficient disposition of assets upon death in a probate-free environment.
  • Drafting wills, living wills, advance directives, and other elder planning arrangements to provide certainty for our clients and security for their heirs, while minimizing taxes and increasing administrative efficiency.
  • Administration of trusts and estates.
  • Litigation of trust and estate disputes.

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