Composite photograph of Kris Kazmierczak (left) and Offer Korin (right) who are attorneys in the business law and litigation practice group with Katz Korin Cunningham in Indianapolis.

Kazmierczak and Korin Author Practical Law Practice Note on Arbitration for Thomson Reuters


Kris Kazmierczak and Offer Korin, attorneys with Katz Korin Cunningham, have co-authored a Thomson Reuters Practice Note entitled "Enforcing Arbitration Awards in Indiana." The Practice Note is a summary reference guide detailing how to enforce arbitration awards in Indiana and federal courts. It details the procedure for confirming as well as the grounds for challenging an arbitration award in Indiana. The article includes handy citations to relevant statues and relevant case law (both state and federal) and provides an overview of the procedures for vacating, modifying, correcting or appealing an arbitration award.

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Enforcing Arbitration Awards in Indiana