Photograph of Norris Cunningham. Norris is an attorney with Katz Korin Cunningham in Indianapolis and is the Chair of the Health Care Law Practice Group.

For in-house counsel, sudden changes that came in 2020 will have lasting impact

12.09.2020 Written by Marilyn Odendahl

Pointing to the medical community, which does not foresee any semblance of normalcy until 2022, Norris Cunningham, leader of the health care practice group at Katz Korin Cunningham, said the changes that have come as a consequence of the pandemic are taking on a permanency. The issues that the coronavirus brought to legal departments will not dissipate any time soon.

In particular, Cunningham noted corporate attorneys are having to navigate the unique regulatory framework and the explosion of employee issues.

The “incredible increase in the regulatory framework” is presenting in-house attorneys with challenges as they work to comply and figure out issues such as liability in keeping workers safe, he said. Relatedly, employee questions are rising as businesses try to discern whether “reasonable accommodations” have to be implemented as prescribed by the Americans with Disabilities Act for workers who are at higher risk for complications from COVID-19.

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