Photo of (left to right) Dennis Cantrell, Norris Cunningham, Offer Korin, Susan Mehringer and Kathryn Watson.

Bucking the trend: Indiana law firms merging practices to meet client needs

07.22.2020 Written by Marilyn Odendahl, The Indiana Lawyer

Although the pandemic has thrown ice water on the red-hot law firm merger market, combinations are still happening and Indiana, a state often absent from the list of merger activity, recorded two separate combinations just as the COVID-19 crisis was taking hold.

Katz Korin Cunningham in Indianapolis officially joined with Cantrell & Mehringer LLP April 1 and Clendening Johnson & Bohrer P.C., based in Bloomington, merged with Hehner & Associates LLP, located in the Circle City, March 11. The three attorneys and their staff at Cantrell & Mehringer have moved into the Katz Korin offices, while the two attorneys and staff at Hehner are changing their firm’s name but remaining in their current downtown location, giving Clendening Johnson an office in Indianapolis.

Partners at the firms said they needed to combine to handle clients’ business, which has continued to grow even as the coronavirus has devastated the national economy. In fact, since the combinations, both Katz Korin and Clendening Johnson each also have made lateral hires.

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