Civic Organizations & Volunteerism

Aside from his representation of medical professionals, Doug also has a passion for pro bono service, specifically for children and young fathers. During his time in Illinois, Doug began his practice of serving as a volunteer as counsel for both children as guardians at litem, as well as for several fathers and foster parents in adoption/neglect proceedings. He specifically has a passion for spending time and getting to know the children that have been neglected, as well as assisting young fathers as they try to navigate the legal system and protect their children. He also is a strong believer in service projects, serving with his family over the years with many Christian organizations, and also spending time at an orphanage in Haiti.

He is a 2011 graduate of the Southern Illinois University School of Law with honors. During law school, Doug won several awards for his ability to deliver appellate oral arguments, winning individual and team awards for performance and brief writing at events in California. Prior to law school, Doug graduated with honors from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, securing a degree in only three years. During his undergraduate studies, he worked as a counselor and tutor for college students with learning disabilities.

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