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USA Diving new CEO, Lee Walsi Johnson

Congratulations on USA Diving’s announcement of its new CEO, Lee Walsi Johnson.  USA Diving is the National Governing Body of the Olympic sport of diving and headquartered in Indianapolis.  Johnson takes over to lead USA Diving after serving for seven years as Vice-President of Marketing for USA Gymnastics.  Katz Korin Cunningham’s Kris Kazmierczak served as USA Diving’s legal counsel in negotiating and finalizing the employment details for Johnson.  Kris Kazmierczak and the Firm are proud to be a part of USA Diving’s next chapter with the selection of Johnson and his anticipated leadership in the promotion of the sport of diving and continued Olympic success.  For more information on USA […]

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Katz & Korin is now Katz Korin Cunningham

“Fifteen employees, including seven attorneys, are leaving the city’s fifth largest law firm—Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman—to join a much smaller firm bent on growing its health care and litigation business. Katz & Korin will grow from 13 to 20 attorneys when the deal closes June 30. Norris Cunningham, who has been Hall Render’s health care litigation practice group leader, will become a shareholder and name partner at the Katz firm, which will be renamed Katz Korin Cunningham. The move will nearly double Katz & Korin’s revenue, said Michael Gabovitch, the firm’s managing partner.” Read the full IBJ article here.

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Applying for Tax Exempt Status – Why, What, and How

By Michael J. Kerschner As the end of the year approaches and you make your end of the year charitable contributions, did you ever wonder how charities are approved by the Internal Revenue Service? Applying for tax exempt status – Why, What, and How Why you would want to create a charitable entity? You have an idea on how to help others make the world a better place. Why the government provides tax incentives to charities and benefits to their donors? Charities do work that would otherwise impose burdens on state and local government. What are the “tax” benefits? Tax exempt organizations do not pay taxes on income related to […]

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Public Workshop Examining the U.S. Auto Distribution System

By:  Donn Wray – Katz & Korin, PC As a firm dedicated to the representation of automotive retail businesses, K&K shares the concern of the industry that government intervention impacting the long-successful dealer franchise system is unnecessary and potentially disruptive to the interests of consumers, the employees of dealerships, and the owners of dealerships who have invested millions in their businesses. As an attorney representing franchised new vehicle dealers for over 30 years, I have frequently seen consumers benefit from the intercession of an independent franchised dealer on the consumer’s behalf to advance consumer claims against the manufacturer.  Typically this arises in the service context, either with respect to warranty […]

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The New Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e) – Preservation of Electronically Stored Information

By:  Offer Korin – KATZ & KORIN, PC In days of old, document preservation meant banker boxes and filing cabinets gathering dust in warehouses, awaiting eager young lawyers to comb through them in search of that one document upon which the case would turn.  In modern days, the young associate sits in front of a computer searching for the infamous “smoking gun.”  While electronically stored information (“ESI”) may not collect dust, its preservation is critical to the pursuit of justice in a courtroom. As of December 1, 2015, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have been revised to address how courts should handle failure to preserve ESI. Specifically, the new […]

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5 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Start A Business in 2016


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iFab Wins NUVO’s 2015 Best of Indy – Best New Public Art

Katz & Korin is proud to congratulate Indianapolis Fabrications (iFab) on its recognition for NUVO’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Best of Indy – Best New Public Art.  We are sure most of you recognize the “ NDY” sculptures from around town – in fact, many of you have likely formed the “I”, and shared your photos on social media with the hashtag #LoveIndy.  This creative plan, executed in conjunction with Visit Indy, was a huge success.  We could not be happier for the iFab team and their continued and well-deserved success! Check out more on the iFab team here.

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by Buddy Pylitt On July 7, 2015, the FBI and Indiana State Police conducted a search of former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle’s Zionsville, Indiana residence and seized computers and other electronic equipment pursuant to a search warrant issued by a federal judge.  That same day, a spokesperson for Subway announced that the company and Fogle had mutually agreed to suspend their business relationship. On August 18, 2015, Assistant U.S. Attorneys announced that they had reached a plea agreement with Jared Fogle agreeing to plead guilty to two charges: distribution and receipt of child pornography and interstate travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct of a minor, specifically from Indiana to […]

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The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has recently increased its enforcement activity nationwide regarding advertising directed to consumers.  Although the observations here are derived from the automotive retail sphere, they apply to any advertising of consumer goods.  In particular, ads offering consumer financing or consumer leasing fall into categories more likely than ever to receive intense FTC scrutiny.  But the scrutiny is not limited to those intensely regulated areas alone – any advertising claim that might be subject to some sort of qualification or explanation can violate FTC regulation governing disclaimers and explanations.  The technique – used by many ad agencies – of relegating required disclosures, explanations, and disclaimers to the […]

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