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Katz & Korin Client PoliticalBank Off to a Roaring Start


We are so excited to watch our client PoliticalBank enjoy a successful launch.  PoliticalBank, an Indianapolis startup, is a nonpartisan political website for candidates, elected officials, and voters. Candidates and elected officials can now use PoliticalBank.com to create a profile page that acts as campaign-central for pictures and information, raising money, recruiting volunteers, and communicating positions on any local, state, or federal issue in their own words. Voters can use PoliticalBank.com to learn about candidates running for office in each of Indiana’s 2015 municipal elections as well as other candidates and elected officials who have created a profile page on the site.

Katz & Korin is thrilled to support and advise PoliticalBank from a very early vision through the software development and launch of its application.  Keep an eye out for their bumper stickers, which several Katz & Korin attorneys have proudly displayed on their cars!

Click here for more information about PoliticalBank: https://www.politicalbank.com/

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